Elecyr is about energy independence and mobility. Our Digital Microgrids™ bring electricity wherever it’s needed with unprecedented simplicity, efficiency and safety.

A Digital Microgrid™ is your own electric utility, like the power lines lining the streets and feeding your home or business. It works with any power source – renewable solar, a generator, even the grid – letting you store power until you need it, all automatically. This proprietary new technology leaves other microgrids in the dust, by employing state-of-the-art software and complying with the latest Department of Energy Zero Net Energy standards. A Digital Microgrid™ is smart power.

Combined with Elecyr's smart lithium batteries, smart cables, power conversion components and more, your Digital Microgrid™ can easily grow to a network of shared grids that can sustain a military outpost, supply power to a village, or restore lights, heat and communication after a natural disaster strikes.

Interested? Learn more about the many Military, Emergency Response, Datacenter, Marine, and Energy Storage applications of Digital Microgrids™ and other Elecyr products.