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Why Solar Storage

The sun doesn’t shine all the time . . . so we combine energy storage with solar power to give you grid independence day or night. If you look at how solar energy works for most people today, all the power you collect from your solar panels ends up going back to the grid unless you can use it now. The disadvantage of solar energy done this way is that you have no power when the grid goes down.

The Elecyr Personal Power Station uses advanced batteries, microgrids, and software to power the smallest house or an entire village, even when a natural disaster strikes. For less than $20,000, an average-sized, all-electric home in Hawaii can be powered completely by renewables and be off-grid. A house in Maine with less sun might only use the grid for handling peak loads. Even with our smallest system at $5,500, any home can keep critical loads operating during a grid outage.

Shared Sunpower On Your Own Terms

digital microgrid monitor system

Elecyr Digital Microgrids optimize energy production and storage in an efficient supply-and-demand private power market. All components sharing the microgrid — personal power stations, generators, and solar arrays — work autonomously, each acting as an intelligent agent buying and selling power. They learn and improve, combining historical demand and efficiency data with outside information from the Internet of Things and online services.

Unlike the 150-year old electric grid, Elecyr Digital Microgrids use simple and efficient 380-volt direct current. Resilient to downed power lines and transformer outages that plague the grid, Elecyr’s Digital Microgrid reports and bypasses failures. Using our cloud-based monitoring feature, you can be “in the know” from anywhere, anytime.

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Elecyr Introduces The Battery

Each Elecyr plug-in Battery provides two kilowatts of energy storage for $700. At 25 kg, it’s light enough for a single person to install. Six Batteries are enough to power a typical home through the evening and night. Two Batteries will keep your oil or gas burner and lights on through a power outage.

The Battery uses LFP, the safest and longest-lasting battery chemistry, and includes a Lifetime Warranty when used with Elecyr Power Stacks and remote monitoring. Get More Info!

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The Battery + Power Stack = Personal Power Station

Your Elecyr Personal Power Station is configured to meet some or all of your electric power needs. It consists of multiple Batteries in an Elecyr Power Stack. From your estimated peak and average electric use, choose the Power Stack model that meets your needs. Then add enough Batteries to operate for as many hours as necessary. Your roof area will determine the maximum amount of solar power you can harvest. To simplify the process, we’ve built an online Solar Panel Calculator to estimate your power requirements.

An electrician is required only when connecting into a home's electric panel. Most solar panels will plug directly into the Power Stack. If you want to charge from the grid, just plug the Power Station into a standard 120/240 volt wall outlet. You can plug appliances directly into the outlets on the Power Stack.

Every house is different. We’ve analyzed these differences for hundreds of homes and developed a program that provides a rough estimate of what you’ll need, how much you’ll spend, and what you can save by using Elecyr products. Check out our Solar Panel Calculator. For commercial quotes please send us a brief project description in the form below and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

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So if microgrids with energy storage are more efficient, more resilient from outages, work well with renewable solar power, and even save the view, why aren’t we changing all our power over to Elecyr Personal Power Stations? At Elecyr we’re making a power play to make sure that this change happens. If you’re interested in helping us invent the future, join us!

Please use the form below to contact us. You can call us at (855) 955-6800 or email at info@elecyr.com. We look forward to working with you!

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