We believe the world deserves renewable power wherever and whenever people need it

The sun doesn’t shine all the time.
So we combine energy storage with solar power to give you grid independence day or night.

Our advanced energy management and microgrid architecture make energy independence possible in the smallest house or an entire city.

All of the parts of our power systems program themselves. They learn and improve using everything from the Internet of Things to online services for weather and electric demand. And you can monitor what they know from anywhere anytime.


Here are the building blocks

With Elecyr microgrids, one size fits all, from an RV or Tiny House to a multi-megawatt housing cluster. For less than $20,000, an average-size, all-electric, home in Hawaii can be completely renewable and off-grid. A house in Maine might use the grid just for handling peak loads. But even with our smallest system, any home can keep the lights on and gas or oil burner working during a grid outage.

Stacks and Panels

Elecyr Introduces The Battery

Two kWH of plug-in energy storage for $700. It’s light enough (25 kg) that one person can just plug it in. Just buy as many kWh as you need for one of our Power Stack personal power stations. The Battery includes a Lifetime Warranty when used with our Power Stacks and cloud-based monitoring. It uses LFP, the safest and longest lasting battery chemistry for residential and commercial energy storage. Find out here why battery chemistry and battery management are the secret sauce of energy storage.

What’s right for you?

A Power Stack with The Battery is complete. It doesn’t need an electrician to install unless you are connecting into a home electric panel. Most solar panels just plug directly into the Power Stack. If you want to charge from the grid, just plug into a wall outlet. In an afternoon you can power an entire house from the sun.

The Power Stack comes in two sizes. For $4,100, the Power Stack 4 provides space for two plug-in batteries and provides 4.5 kW of 120/240 volt AC. At $5,400, the Power Stack 8 houses up to six batteries for 12 kWH.

The Rest of the Story…

Elecyr Power Stacks are designed to be modular. It learns and it shares. With the Digital Microgrid, shared generators can bid to provide you with backup power. You can trade power with other homes on the microgrid. You and your neighbors can become a new kind of grid that is immune from outages and rate increases. With a Digital Microgrid PV array from our partner eIQ Energy, you can share megawatts of solar power at a fraction of the cost of conventional solar installations. With multiple Power Stacks, you can power any size home, completely or partially from sunlight.

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So if DC microgrids save energy, are more resilient from outages, work well with renewable solar power, use safer transmission lines, improve profits, and even save the view, why aren’t we changing all our power to personal Power Stacks connected by microgrids? At Elecyr we’re making a power play to make sure that the change happens. If you’re interested in helping to invent the future, join us..

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