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Why solar storage

The power of the sun is free, inexhaustible and it doesn’t pollute. But there’s one problem. The sun doesn’t shine all the time.

Suppose you could harness that free power during the day and have it available whenever you need. That’s what solar energy storage is about.

Most people send their surplus solar energy back to the power company and buy it back later. But the utilities are catching on, putting surcharges on this “net metering” or eliminating it entirely. Also, if the grid isn’t working, you’re left with no electricity at all.

There’s a better way. With Elecyr power systems you can install a system yourself that will capture all the sunshine available during the day and “play it back” through the evening and night.

How much solar power do you need?

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You start with the watts and watt-hours. The watts are basically how energy hungry your appliances are. Watt-hours depend on how long you run each load. Running a 100 watt lightbulb for twenty-four hours will take 2400 watt-hours, a lot more than drying your hair with a 1500 watt hair dryer for a half hour.

The average American home uses 30,000 watt-hours every day, but the number of watts at any moment could be 6,000 watts or more. Electricians size your home electric panel for the worst case of everything being turned on at once.Your solar installation could be a small system to back up a few of these loads during an outage or a large system capable of providing all your electricity day in and day out. You can control your use of the electric grid, limiting it to just cloudy or stormy days or to handling a large peak demand.

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The Daily Sun

The Daily Sun is our basic building block for a whole home electrical independence. It includes 1500 watts of high efficiency Sunpower solar panels and 7500 watt-hours of batteries. Appliances can plug in directly but you can also combine Daily Sun systems and additional inverters sharing an Elecyr SunBus to power a home of any size.

Each Daily Sun and Elecyr battery includes energy monitoring which can be displayed on an Android, Apple IOS device or on the web. You can graph how much solar power you’ve collected, grid power you’ve used, how much power your home has consumed, and the state of your battery storage. You can also control the system to specify when grid power can be used and when it should not be used. The app can also guide your Daily Sun to more efficient power use with internet weather information.

The all inclusive price of the Daily Sun is $9900. The 30,000 watt-hour average American home can be made completely energy independent for less than $40,000. Depending on your location, more than 30% of this cost will be saved with local and federal incentives. A 25 year warranty makes the system eligible for inclusion in the mortgage for new construction.

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Powering the whole house

The Elecyr Daily Sun and SunBus can be used in a large off-grid system with supported 4,000 to 24,000 watt inverters from Magnum Energy (MS4448PAE) and Schneider Electric (Connext XW+). The solar panels for this type of system should be installed by a professional solar installer and the wiring needs to meet local code and safety requirements such as metal conduits, arc fault detection, and multiple local and remote controlled shut-offs.

A simpler alternative for the do-it-yourself installer is to use multiple Daily Sun systems attached to a SunBus. Each Daily Sun will charge its batteries from a dedicated low voltage 1500 watt solar array. The Daily Sun falls within the type of system that does not need a professional installer. Because its solar panels are light, flexible and portable, it can be installed by the home owner by simply attaching each panel to the roof with the available adhesive backing.

Every house is different. We've analyzed these differences for hundreds of homes and developed a program that provides a rough estimate of what you'll need, how much you'll spend, and what you can save by using Elecyr products. Check out our Solar Panel Calculator. For commercial quotes please send us a brief project description in the form below and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

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So if microgrids with energy storage are more efficient, more resilient from outages, work well with renewable solar power, and even save the view, why aren’t we changing all our power over to Elecyr's energy storage systems? At Elecyr we’re making a power play to make sure that this change happens. If you’re interested in helping us invent the future, join us!

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