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Why solar storage

The sun doesn’t shine all the time . . . so we created energy storage that works seamlessly with solar power to deliver clean energy day or night.

Currently, most people send their surplus solar energy back into the grid in exchange for credit they redeem when their panels aren’t producing. This is an embarrassingly inefficient way to store energy and it does little to reduce your carbon footprint. Besides, what good are solar panels alone when the grid fails during a hurricane?

Elecyr offers a smarter alternative to this outdated model. Depending on where you live and how frequently you experience blackouts, our battery storage is cheaper than the grid. No matter where you live, our systems are cheaper, safer, and more efficient than any other battery system at only $0.08 USD per kilowatt hour.

The Elecyr PowerStack uses advanced batteries and software to power a home of any size. Combined with microgrid technology, the PowerStack can also provide energy to an entire village. Because our systems are modular, you only have to pay for what you need. Go ahead, skip the electrician and plug appliances directly into your PowerStack. You can also integrate a large system into your home’s electric panels for decades of clean power at no sacrifice to your lifestyle.

Our smallest system can keep you furnace on during blackouts for less than $4,000. For less than $20,000, an average-sized, all-electric home in equatorial climates can be powered completely by renewables. Decades of living without an electric bill add up to significant savings.

Shared sunpower on your own terms

digital microgrid monitor system

Elecyr Digital Microgrids optimize your energy production and storage because each component has the ability to learn and improve. Digital Microgrids combine historical data with outside information from the Internet of Things and online services to determine the cheapest, most efficient source of power on a moment-to-moment basis. Your solar panels, wind turbines, generators, and PowerStacks think autonomously and work together to buy and sell power.

Unlike the 150-year old electric grid, Elecyr Digital Microgrids use simple and efficient 380-volt direct current. This means your microgrid is immune to the issues that plague the grid such as downed power lines and transformer outages. Digital Microgrids can bypass failures and report them to you through our cloud-based monitoring option. Even though the microgrid does all the work, you’ll be in the know from anywhere, anytime.

Elecyr introduces The Battery

solar battery backup

Solar batteries aren’t just for backup anymore. As utilities and localities eliminate or cap net-metering, batteries need to store and return power every day, not just when the grid goes down.

Elecyr’s advanced energy storage provides a better answer. We’ve selected the best available battery technology for residential applications: Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) coupled with graphene nanotechnology. These batteries are safe, light and can be discharged up to 95% every day for 25 years. Until now, the best deep cycle storage has been lead-acid wet cells. But even the best of these wet cell batteries will last two years at most and even then only if they’re kept in balance and discharged no more than 50%

solar battery backup

Our drop-in replacement LFP batteries are one-quarter the weight and size of their lead-acid counterparts and last ten to fifteen times longer. They include Elecyr’s battery management system which means the cells will charge and discharge in balance, protect against short circuits and ensure the batteries never get too full or drain too low. Two of these batteries, totaling 15kWh, will power an entire home and work with most existing solar installations equipped for battery backup. At a cost of 8¢ per kWh over the lifetime of the battery versus over 55¢ for the best lead-acid, Elecyr energy storage will pay for itself before the second time you replace a lead-acid setup.

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Modular power for every application

Your Elecyr Power Stack is configured to meet some or all of your electric power needs. It consists of multiple battery shelves and inverter shelves. From your estimated peak and average electric use, choose the number of battery and inverter modules that best meet your needs. Your roof area will determine the maximum amount of solar power you can harvest. To simplify the process, we’ve built an online Solar Panel Calculator to estimate your power requirements.

The system has color-coded, keyed plug-in connectors so you can just match up the colors to install your sysem. An electrician is required only when connecting into a home's electric panel. Most solar panels will plug directly into the Power Stack. If you want to charge from the grid, just plug the Power Station into a standard 120/240 volt wall outlet. You can plug appliances directly into the outlets on the Power Stack.

Every house is different. We've analyzed these differences for hundreds of homes and developed a program that provides a rough estimate of what you'll need, how much you'll spend, and what you can save by using Elecyr products. Check out our Solar Panel Calculator. For commercial quotes please send us a brief project description in the form below and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

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So if microgrids with energy storage are more efficient, more resilient from outages, work well with renewable solar power, and even save the view, why aren’t we changing all our power over to Elecyr Power Stacks? At Elecyr we’re making a power play to make sure that this change happens. If you’re interested in helping us invent the future, join us!

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