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The Daily Sun

Add your own solar panels or plug into a wall socket. The Daily Sun is a $5900 silent generator that you can install yourself or take on the road. It can power your refrigerator, a microwave, coffee maker, some LED lights and a TV for the better part of a day. A Daily Sun can also provide enough power for a small mini-split air conditioner that’s big enough for about 800 sq. ft. of living space.

With its expansion port, it can be a building block for a whole house system working with other Daily Suns and Elecyr SmartBatteries to power larger inverters for big loads like geothermal, clothes dryers, and well pumps.

It’s not just solar, it’s independence.

Many companies will offer to install solar on your house at little of no expense to you. So long as the electric utilities in your area continue to subsidize solar, this may be a good choice to reduce your monthly electric bill. Just check the fine print and be aware of long term leases that may leave you with a lien on your house when you sell.

These companies don't tell you that their "free" solution doesn’t help you if the grid has an outage. The panels shut down when the grid does. If you want to keep critical appliances running or have electrical independence and free power in the future, you’ll need a different kind of system.

We can help. At Elecyr, we’re your partner for electric independence.

Energy storage keeps you covered when the sun doesn’t shine.

Energy storage, once used just for a few minutes of battery backup, is now an important part of smoothing the flow of power for renewable power generation. A few years ago there were only lead-acid batteries. They’re ok for backup but don’t work well for daily deep discharge. In the past decade all sorts of new batteries have come to the forefront. The safest, most economical batteries for renewable energy storage are LFP batteries which are doubling in power density every decade. However, like all batteries in a large energy storage application, LFPs need continuous balancing, and that’s an Elecyr specialty.

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The Applications

We've been working with cutting-edge battery storage since 2008, and our battery management, control systems, and intelligent distribution is unrivaled in the industry. While there exist other energy storage systems on the market, none of them are designed with modular scalability at their core. Find out more about specific applications

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Here's how it works

We combine world class battery management with safe and efficient batteries. We hook these together in an intelligent, fault tolerant power network. That's the Digital Microgrid. Our Digital Microgrid operates alone, providing power for a single home, building or emergency response trailer. Or it can be combined with any number of other Digital Microgrids to share power for greater efficiency and resiliency. Click below to learn more...

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So if DC microgrids save energy, are more resilient from outages, work well with renewable solar power, use safer transmission lines, improve profits, and even save the view, why aren’t we changing all our power to DC microgrids? At Elecyr we’re making a power play to make sure that the change happens. If you’re interested in helping to invent the future, join us.

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